Life is full of beginningsā€¦and one true end.

- Posted: October 15th 2020

Photo by Manuel Sardo on Unsplash

I’ve gone back to college. My appetite to learn has risen again. This particular college is Coder Academy, and the course is a bootcamp. Hopefully a pretty intense appearance upskilling and starting my journey as a full-stack developer.

My first day has reminded me of a few things and given me a to-do list:

  • update my LinkedIn profile
  • unsuspend my Twitter account start
  • blogging again (currently doing…)

So….blogging, something I’ve lightly dabbled with in the past, so I deceided to look up my old Tumblr account. Remember…? It used to be a thing. I had some posts I quite like, so for legacy purposes I’ll post a small selection of them here to start (and fill up my profile a little bit, making me look like a little less of a noob.)