Tools of Early (Developing) Man

- Posted: Novermber 12 2020

Continuing in the vein of 'old' blog posts, here's another one posted back in September 2010.

10 years ago, as a web designer, there were certain new tools that aided greatly with the process. Now we see that some of these tools are intrinsic in the process, yet some are completely redundant.

(Originally published 2010)

I love the internet. Does it show?

I'm constantly reminded of how helpful different applications on the web are. I'm a Firefox user, and have been for a while. Back in my corporate web development days one of the biggest aids that I came across was the young version of Firebug. Without having this tool, I would be a lot balder than I am today, plus it seemed to stifle cries of horror from the other developers in the office.

A lot of further addons have been developed to enhance the use of Firebug, such as Pixel Perfect - the ability to overlay an image on your webpage so that lining things up becomes a breeze, and the amazing Flashbug - the enabling of a trace log for actionscript, right there in the firebug panel.

My only quibble with Firebug is when making changes to the CSS, unless I note them down, or replicate each change one by one, I tend to forget what I've done.

This is NO MORE after finding another addon today called Firediff - a panel in FIrebug that lists all changes that have been made to the CSS or markup of a page. This will make my editing much smoother. I am in a production workflow tizz!

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